Years ago, Tilt used to operate from an office on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. After realizing that no one really loved going to the office, our fearless leader, Pam Boney, transitioned the company to be completely remote with great success. We now use a handful of different communication tools to make our operation run smoothly and are happy to share what has made us successful in our remote operation. If you have any questions on how you can use these tools to enable your business, feel free to reach out to me or visit the links I’ve provided below!

1. Zoom - We use Zoom for video conferencing, meetings, webinars, collaboration-enabled conference rooms, and sometimes phone calls. At Tilt, we start every week with a meeting where our full team is present on video. In addition, we use Zoom for coaching engagements, one-on-one meetings, and anything else that requires video conferencing. Zoom is available as a desktop app, browser extension, and mobile app. Here’s a link to learn more information -

2. Slack - We use Slack to send each other messages throughout the day. I like that Slack enables you to chat within separate groups throughout your company (marketing, science, etc.), while also enabling you to send private messages as well. When messaging an individual, I use slack for quick questions or stuff that requires a more immediate response. When messaging a group, I use slack when I need to give everyone a quick heads up on something I’m doing or when I want to share something cool that is related to our work (like a new publication or accolade). Slack is versatile as it can be used as a desktop app, browser extension, and mobile app. Here is a link to learn more information -

3. Gmail - Within the Tilt team, I use Gmail for inquiries that require a prudent response and tasks that aren’t an immediate priority. I view it more as a vessel for discussing big picture ideas. Gmail conveniently connects to Google Suite, which makes it easy for us to share and collaborate on projects. Gmail works in a web browser, mobile app, and works with desktop email apps as well. Here is a link -

4. Phone Calls - I personally like to keep my work apps (like Zoom and Slack) off of my phone to create a better work-life balance. Otherwise, I would be neurotically keeping tabs on Tilt during my off-hours. That being said, a classic phone call can be a good alternative to a Zoom video call. For example, if I’m on a Zoom video, I have to stay by my computer for the duration of the call. If I make a call on my cell phone, I can move around and multi-task. The other day, I was able to take my dog on a short walk while on the phone with my boss.

5. Texts - Since we use all of the apps mentioned above, texts aren’t really a factor in what we do at Tilt. That being said, if I ever think of something important to tell my boss while I’m off the clock or away from my computer, I won’t hesitate to send her a quick text message. Texts are also convenient for the rare moments when we plan to meet in person!

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